The greatest desire of every business is customers, more customers, acquiring customers may be a daunting task but I am here to give you some strategies for attracting them to your business in thousands. With a bit of dedication, your page would be swarming with traffic in a month or less if you follow these proven strategies to the book.

  1. Create Great Content

First and probably most important of all, if you use all the promotions in the world you won’t get any audience if your content is bad, this is a fact. Recent research suggested that the average internet user has about 8 seconds attention span (that’s less than that of a goldfish), this is simply emphasizing the need to create a very catchy content to grab and retain the attention of your audience

Hint: Experiment with video, slides, podcasts, infographics, etc


  1. Be Social

Let the entire internet know of your existence, after creating a cool content the next thing is getting people to see it. The best place to find people is on social media given that over a billion people now actively spend hours on their devices daily. Contribute in forums, blog sites and journals in your industry, answer questions asked by your audience and participate in popular discussions.

Hint: Take advantage of social media ads services to promote your business.


  1. Get Your Business A Website

That’s right, the need for a website cannot be overemphasized, apart from giving you a big edge against your competitors who don’t own websites it gives your business credibility and exposure to the global network. Remember to ensure that your site is appealing and professionally built by experts since this can also be a determinant of much traffic you can generate.

Hint: Create a blog and share posts regularly with your audience to keep them engaged.


  1. Get Your Site Optimised

Talk to experts about SEO in order to get your site Google compliant, in lay man’s terms Search Engine Optimisation is simply allowing your content to be found on Google search, it’s no mystery that the earliest search results generate the highest traffic which is good news for your business if you are ranking high up on the first page. Optimization requires some patience but the rewards are remarkable hence a highly recommended for any startup.

Hint: Use Google Keyword Tool to find popular keywords to aid your SEO project.


  1. Use referrals

If you scratch your customers’ backs they will scratch yours too. What this means is that you can make offers to customers who bring other customers by giving them a percentage on each sale, it is a win-win situation since your customers act like proxy marketers at little or no cost on your side. Don’t forget that this works best when your content/service is solid and your customers are satisfied.

Hint: You can also join some affiliate marketing networks like for some great deals.

The journey to creating a brand that is tried and trusted by many is a rewarding journey that requires a good dose of perseverance, with these tips, however, you have a tremendous head start to kickoff almost any business and have customers all over your goods/services in no time.






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