If you have ever wondered about the demographics of social media users in Nigeria you are in the right place. Over 100 million people now use the internet in Nigeria and 22 million of them are active users of social media. It is undeniable that adopting Digital Marketing to sell goods and services holds tremendous potential for the future of commercial activities.

Almost every business relies on statistics in order to make strategic decisions, this has prompted the popular social media platforms to create various inbuilt analytics tools to help you track various things like the number of people who visit your page monthly. This post, however, captures an overview of the statistics of people who are also your potential customers online and their activities in an attempt to help you create the best strategy to draw them to your business.


Facebook till date prides itself as the social media platform with the highest number of users, it also has one of the most robust analytics tools out there that makes the one above look like a nursery sketch. Facebook has the highest number of users globally which makes it the ideal social media platform to begin your Digital Marketing campaign.


With Twitter’s simplistic design, users find it amazingly easy to follow brands that they are interested in. It is also relatively easy to engage leads, this is why so many big brands are fond of using Twitter to communicate with their organic followers, create interesting or interactive threads to further engage them. Another good thing about twitter is the ability to create a non-spontaneous viral content or trend which will expose your business to millions of people.


Instagram now has a feature of stories and messages that can be shared asides from the pictures and videos.  Like Facebook, Instagram also features a targeted audience advertising system that enables you to reach old and new customers. Since Instagram relies heavily on audio and visual it is advisable to invest in solid content in order to keep your audience interested in your page.


Despite the fact that YouTube is a video sharing platform many may not realize it’s potential as a powerful Digital Marketing space. It features a number of ad formats and has a very user-friendly Monetization page called YouTube studio where you can see your subscribers, manage your content & track progress. You may find YouTube particularly useful if you want to take it further by showing your customers your products via video which may help reduce buyer’s doubt and improve sales.

In this ICT dominated world, it would be a waste of resource to rely on traditional mass marketing methods alone, the advent of social media made it necessary to incorporate personalization into marketing strategies by offering audience content that is tailored towards their interests. This is why it is imperative to make use of user statistics as it serves as an indispensable business intelligence required for excellent business success.







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