Web design tips for small businesses

What is the difference between a good website and a great website? What do great website have and makes them great?

Getting online is not a matter of choice in today’s marketing age but a matter of necessity. If you want to leverage the over _ people connected online today and how may be searching for your product or services, you have to make sure that you got a website.With a website, you have chance at a marketing medium that is available 24hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
Yet, most website I have seen does not come close to doing a good job of marketing the business they represent.If you have a website already, you will learn some new tips that you can add today that will make your website better and if you do not, then you know the list of things to check as you go about designing your site.

6 Web design Checklist To Take Your site from Good to Great

1. Know what you want your website to do

The foremost challenge most small businesses have is a clear r cut goal on what they want to achieve. I see this almost every day. From running a Facebook ad to major big project, it is usually difficult knowing how to measure success. This is why it is important that the first thing you need to do is to sit down and have a clear cut goal on what you want your website to do. Will your site be involved in generating leads for you or is it going to be a marketplace where you can sell your goods? Will you be accepting payment online via your website? You need to know all this and more so you can understand the scope of the project and what is important to have.

2. Sit down with your designer and make sure you are on the same page.

Once you know what you want, it is time to talk to your designer. Communication is important. You and your designer need to be on the same page. Know what he can provide and identify what things he needs from you. Will you be supplying the contents of the website (which I normally would advice you do since you know your business more) or will he be writing the all the content with you just making an input. Either way be clear on expectations from both sides.

3. Pick a common platform

Often times I have had to work on a website where the website owner did not know the platform the site was built with. This means making changes might be difficult especially if you have to change designers at any point during or after the project. There are lots of technologies that can be used to build your website. From the basic simple html coding to Content Management Systems like WordPress, the list is endless. Make sure you know the CMS been used and you understand precisely the advantages and disadvantages and why he is recommending such a platform for you.

4. Choose your hosting platform carefully

Once you decide on what technology to use, the next thing is to pick the right hosting platform. There is hundreds of hosting company but from experience, the main factor you need to know when it comes to picking your hosting company is the amount of support you receive. Pick your host carefully, read reviews about them and know exactly what you are getting.

5. Speed is king

This cannot be over-stressed. Speed is essential when it comes to designing the next generation of website. This is because people want information and they want it right at the time they want it. This means your website must be fast. Make sure that the minimum load time for each page of your website is 3sec or less. Do away with flash and heavy images

6. Make it easy to reach you.

There are lots of features your website should have but there are about 3 that are very important. They include:

  • Your telephone number listed on the top part of your web pages.
  • Link to your social media profile so they can connect to you on the social platform of their choice
  • A map showing the direction to your business. Having these three features on your website will make it easy for both potential and current customers to contact you.



Having a website for website sake is no longer an option. Your website should be able to support your marketing activities so you are able to connect to more customers. Implementing this checklist will ensure that you take your website from good to great.







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