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Classiclink SMS Alert Service

An Automated SMS (credit/debit) transaction alert service

Classiclink SMS alert service is a fully functional background service for SMS notifications that checks for transactions in a given data store at a defined interval and transmits SMS to the beneficiary within the shortest possible time. The service is powered by a generic configuration file that binds to any application database.

Note that the service requires no human intervention to set, start or stop so it appears to the customer as though it's the business application that is transmitting SMS as transactions occur. It requires no training and hence no extra manpower to manage it. It is seamless, friendly, convenient and yet effective as this is the motivation behind the development of the service.

SMS alert, SMS notifications, credit/debit transactions

We are among the leading SMS notification service providers in Nigeria and we have got top expertise working very hard to ensure the need(s) of all service users are met. We are at the fore front in mobile messaging services (text messages) and we can guarantee you that your bulk SMS will be sent and delivered to all your recipients either in Nigeria or to the rest of Africa. We carryout top quality bulk SMS services and this has been proven by all our customers.

Once again, we are recommended by many because we provide some extra benefits you can enjoy which are unique to our business. The benefits are:

  • SMS notifications (either as credit alert, debit alert or any other alert type) sent will deliver instantly to all networks
  • SMS notifications (either as credit alert, debit alert or any other alert type) to other African countries delivers instantly
  • Our Delivery Report is Structured, real-time, intelligent, detailed, categorized by networks to avail you with a rich statistical report
  • Our SMS alert price is reasonably cheap.

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