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Our Team 

We are a team of experienced IT consultants and certified technology specialist who are committed to rendering professional services to our clients. We use the latest software tool and technology…

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Classiclink Products 

* General BulkSMS * Short Code/Long Code Service * Electronic Recharge Pins * SMS AlertService * Automated Voice Call (Voice SMS) * Classic Banker * Email Alert Service * Interactive Voice Response (IVR) * e-Payment Solutions *

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Airtime Top Up in Nigeria

A simple and fast way to buy prepaid recharge pins in Nigeria

Reading pins on scratch cards and carefully entering the unveiled digits on phones can be somewhat daunting! Aren't you just tired of this unsolicited, avoidable and long process before you can top up your mobile phone with airtime?

To make matters worse, at times you scratch a card only to discover it's been compromised due to excessive friction.

Have you at any time lost a card before loading because you felt a little reluctant or restive to scratch, read and enter the pins immediately?

How discouraged are you when you need airtime top up of N1000 and the vendor offers 10 pieces of N100 airtime cards to you because he does not have higher denominations?

To these effects, it is apparent that you belong to the class of people who require a more electronic, simple, convenient and efficient channel for airtime top up.

And to this class, we gladly present a platform that offers you an electronic, secure and convenient platform to buy airtime units with your credit card at a significant discount.

Yea! You are right! It's hassle free!! It's preferred!! Make your happy purchase with the panel below :


Airtime Amount (numbers alone without comma or decimal point)
Network Operator
Mobile Number (Phone number. Please use 234XXXXXXXXXX format)
Access Code (Optional)