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Bulk SMS in Nigeria

The current age no doubt is digital and hence the relevance of information dissemination cannot be over emphasized. As a result, information broadcasting channels via bulk sms have attracted huge traffic across the globe for its services. Undoubtedly, sms messaging is at the fore front of these channels for instant messaging and high volume message delivery assurance.

Classiclink Technology – a fast rising, customer service focused firm, is at the fore-front of bulk sms service in Nigeria and to other African countries at large. With our user-friendly web portal, you can send sms to all networks in Nigeria without any hassle and be rest assured that delivery to all your recipients is guaranteed. So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with bulk sms in Nigeria with excellent gateway delivery quality detailed with a well-structured delivery report, then Classiclink Technology is your go to team.

We are among the leading bulk sms gateway providers in Nigeria and we have got top expertise working very hard to ensure the need(s) of all service users are met. We are at the fore front in mobile messaging services (text messages) and we can guarantee you that your bulk sms will be sent and delivered to all your recipients either in Nigeria or to the rest of Africa. We carryout top quality bulk sms services and this has been proven by all our customers.

We are highly recommended by several search engines for bulk sms messaging to Nigeria and to Africa as a whole because we have been examined and found to be credible for this nature of service. We affirm that a user seeking this service will have a good user experience as a feed-back.

Be rest assured that you will have a smooth experience while you send sms on our portal and if you do not, our customer service team will take your issue(s) with utmost priority and will support you until your job is done satisfactorily. Please note that we take our customers experience very seriously and that is why we don't lose them.

Once again, search engines recommend us because we provide some extra benefits you can enjoy which are unique to our business. The benefits are:
  • Sms sent will deliver instantly to all networks
  • Sms sent to other African countries delivers instantly
  • Our Delivery Report is Structured, real-time, intelligent, detailed, categorized by networks to avail you with a rich statistical report
  • We take you beyond a bulk sms web access to avail you the means to send sms through other channels like a desktop application, a pluggable, background application for sending transactional sms like bank sms alerts and web apis for third party integration.
  • We generously offer mobile top up pins via VTU and voice SMS units (robo-calls) to ALL our customers on a weekly basis
  • Our bulk sms price is reasonably cheap.

We are proud to say that Classiclink Technology is recognized by search engines as one of the best and most reliable bulk sms services that are in existence today. We therefore crave your indulgence use our bulk sms gateway for your sms (text messages) services. You can send any volume of sms at anytime, anywhere (ie smslive247) through our bulksmsgateway. In addition to the fact that we provide the best services to all our customers, we also ensure that all our services are cheap and easy to use. This is to say that if you are looking for a company that can provide cheap bulk sms in Nigeria, you can rely on us. Be fully assured that you will enjoy instant delivery of your bulk sms (or text messages) to all networks in Nigeria and other African countries

Classiclink sms service has four tiers:
  • Web access for general bulk sms
  • Desktop application for quicker access, preferred for corporate clients
  • Windows scheduler for birthday alerts
  • window service for transactional alerts

Features of Our Bulk SMS Service :

  • You can send general bulk sms via web upload or simply copy/paste
  • Send sms from excel documents
  • automate transactional alerts (contributions) with the background windows service
  • Programmed sms -- extract phone numbers directly from database and send sms
  • Send sms with classiclink sms API
  • Buy sms online
  • Get summary report categorized by networks and date
  • Get delivery reports